“Rowing is a sport for dreamers. As long as you put in the work, you can own the dream. When the work stops, the dream disappears.” – Jim Dietz

Practice for us is not just for the perfection of technique or the development of physical fitness. It is the building block upon which we build out team philosophy: Hard Work Pays Off. Each and every practice attended is one more that an athlete develops  The mental toughness and team bond necessary to compete in the sport of rowing. At our practices we work toward technical mastery, we strive toward peak physical condition, and above all else we ensure that every athlete learns how to be a better team member.

Our goal for our competitive athletes is to attend 6 practices a week. 

If an athlete is going to miss practice please email us at

Registered Athletes

If you are a returning athlete from last season click the button down below to go to the practice sign up links. You will need a password to get to the links. If you do not have a password please email coach Victoria at

New Athletes

If you did not row last season thank you for taking your time to check out our program! Click the button below to be taken to our registration link where you will be signed up to get team emails and more information on how to continue with your registration!