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New Boats Coming October - Time To Fundraise!

EXCITING NEWS! Since our first season in 2018, Team Tampa has worked hard to find used equipment to handle the rapid growth of the team while still keeping our fees the lowest of any Florida rowing team. While we have grown our fleet to almost 40 boats, the average age of our boats is 20+ years old. Our lovely Carlota will turn 30 next year… CANDO, Team Tampa Rowing’s booster organization, understands that our athletes need equipment they can depend on and is equal to the teams they race against. To help us towards this goal, CANDO has committed over $300,000 to a 6-year equipment replacement plan. This investment is possible because of the team growth and the success of our continued fundraising efforts. This plan allows Team Tampa to purchase equipment now that will be delivered in time for fall races while we are still working on meeting our 2023-2024 fundraising goals. CLICK HERE to preview fundraising opportunities Team Tampa is planning for this fall. It is vital that all families participate and work to meet their $350 annual fundraising goal so we can continue forward with CANDO’s support. Middle school families are asked to raise $50 per each semester they are enrolled.

Upcoming Fall Fundraisers:

  • Sept 16th - Krispy Kreme Donut Sale

  • Sept 20th - Spirit Night at Tijuana Flats on Platt St

  • Oct 19th - 22nd - Popcorn Sale

  • Nov 11th - Parent Learn To Row & Athlete Erg-A-Thon

  • Nov 28th - National Giving Day

We will also have boat naming opportunities for several of these new boats! 2023 Equipment Purchased (arriving October 2023)

  • NEW 2023 Vespoli VHP Women’s Eight

  • NEW 2023 Vespoli VHP Men’s Quad

  • NEW 2023 Vespoli VHP Women’s Quad

  • NEW 2023 Vespoli VHP Four Men’s Four

  • Used 2009 Vespoli M2 Women’s Four

  • Used 2008 Vespoli Advantage Women’s Eight

  • Used 2008 Vespoli Advantage Men’s Eight

  • New Sweep Oars (5x sets of 8)

  • New Sculling Oars (10x pairs)

2023 Equipment Purchased (arriving November 2023)

  • Used 2008 Vespoli M2 Women’s Eight (refurbished and repainted 2023)

  • Used 2008 Vespoli M2 Men’s Eight (refurbished and repainted 2023)

FUTURE 2024 – 2028 Planned Equipment Purchases

  • NEW 2024 Vespoli VHP Women’s Quad

  • NEW 2025 Vespoli SD Men’s Double

  • NEW 2025 Vespoli SD Women’s Double

  • NEW 2026 Vespoli SD Women’s Double

  • NEW 2026 Vespoli SD Men’s Single

  • NEW 2027 Vespoli SD Women’s Single

  • NEW 2028 Vespoli SD Men’s Single

  • Used 2015 Empacher Eight

  • Used 2013 Empacher Eight

  • New Sweep Oars (5x sets of 8)

  • New Sculling Oars (20x pairs)

  • New Cox Boxes, Speed Coaches, and other accessories

Thank you all for your continued support!



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