1) Online Registration 

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  - This link will ask for details about the times each day your athlete would be available to participate.  You are not committing to those times, but the information will be a huge help in us finalizing our practice format.  Please fill in ALL the times you may be available (EXAMPLE: if you have no conflicts on Sat, fill in all time slots, this doesn’t mean we expect you to be there 7am-Noon, but this lets us know there is a possible need there for staffing).  With some athletes attending school in eLearning formats, we want a good understanding of all the opportunities we have to get athletes on the water each day.

2) Download Waiver Packet

CLICK HERE - This paperwork is required before students are allowed to practice on the water. Please download and complete or pick up a packet from our practice location 

3) USRowing Waiver

  1. Visit the You’ll see two large icons –  “Individuals” and “Organizations.” You want to select “Individuals – JOIN”

  2. Fill in NAME, DOB, GENDER, EMAIL.  Under “Club or Team Name” type TEAM TAMPA and select “Team Tampa Rowing”. 

  3. You will be prompted for a Club Code – use “BTYPM”

  4. Membership Level – Select “Basic Membership-Free (Admin Fee - $9.75)”.  Do not select an add-on package. 

  5. Complete all necessary fields in “Profile” and “Compliance” and check out by paying the admin fee.

4) FSRA Waiver

  1. To complete the FSRA Waiver, you must have already completed the USRowing Waiver (directions above).

  2. Visit

  3. Type "Team Tampa Rowing" in the club/school form and select our team.

  4. Enter your athletes Last Name and Birth Date (they will not show up if you haven't completed the USRowing Waiver).

  5. Complete the necessary fields to submit the waiver.