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Billing for Team Tampa Rowing is processed through the non profit booster organization CANDO, Inc. 


1) All new athletes are eligible for a 1 week trial period, free of charge. Completed waiver packet required.


2) All athletes wishing to continue participation will need to complete registration with CANDO. An invitation email will be sent to the primary contact provided below.  A $25 registration fee is required.  After the trial week, athletes will be held off of the water until this process is completed and paid.


3) Families will be billed monthly starting the first week of the first full month after they register.  $80 per month for High School students (or Middle School students completing with the High School Program) or $65 per month for Middle School students.


4) Billing for High School will run Sept - May. Billing for Middle School will run Oct - March.  


5) Athletes with unpaid monthly dues will be held off the water starting the 15th of each month until balances are paid.


6) If for any reason you wish to end participation before the completion of the season (and the billing months above) you must email to end future invoicing.  By clicking "YES" below, you are acknowledging your responsibility for fees incurred until the end of the season or until you contact to cancel membership.

If you have any additional questions about the fees, billing, or cancellation policy please contact

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