Both the High school and Middle school rowing program will cost $50 a month for spring season 2021. This covers coaching and a team uniform for first year high school athletes. Middle school athletes will be provided a uniform to race in on each race day. Additional team gear will be available throughout the year but is not mandatory for athletes to purchase. Any races the athlete attends will cost additional fees. Families will be responsible for transportation to all races. 2021-2022 fees will be set by mid August. 


New Athletes will be given a week long free trial. After this week billing takes place on the first of the month. Our parent organization. CANDO will send a registration email after the free trial. Once the athlete is registered all billing will be handled online at CANDO's website. The option for automatic bill pay can be turned on and off at any time on the website. Any cancelations to an athletes membership must happen before the 5th of the month or else the fees for that month will be charged. Please contact Coach Victoria Mattie via email in regards to cancelling memberships: Victoria,






For any questions on fees or billing procedures please contact Victoria Mattie via email: